The Gift of Righteousness

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Romans 5:16-17 — In his previous sermon, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones pointed out the similarities of humanity’s relationship to Adam and its relationship to Christ. In this sermon on Romans 5:16–17 titled “The Gift of Righteousness,” he shows that while there are several similarities, the most striking thing are the differences between these two relationships. He begins by pointing out that Adam’s sin and disobedience led to judgment and condemnation. These both came through the act of one sin. In contrast, Jesus’s one act of obedience led to the covering of all sins. This is the beauty of the gospel. How then should humanity react to this free gift of Jesus Christ? Despite the many sins, the Christian has now been justified, which means He blots out all sins and calls the Christian righteous. He goes on to point out that it was by one man’s offense that death came and reigned in the world. But it was the one act of Jesus that defeated death and brought life. The Christian is given the righteousness of Christ when they believe in Him. No longer does death reign over them, but those who believe shall now find life in Christ. They have lost the fear of death and will reign with Christ for eternity.

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