The Holy Spirit and Assurance

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Romans 5:5 — Once saved, always saved. But what happens when one doubts their salvation and how do they regain assurance? The greatest assurance of all is that the love of God has been spread into the hearts of His people. This act is done by the work of the Holy Spirit. In the sermon "The Holy Spirit and Assurance" from Romans 5:5, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones points out that this is the first time the Holy Spirit is referenced in terms of salvation and he makes a few points concerning what this means. The Holy Spirit is given to all Christians without exception and He dwells in their bodies. Some might ask how this is a guarantee of salvation. Dr. Lloyd-Jones reminds that any good work that Christ has begun will not go unfinished. The seal of the Holy Spirit is a guarantee that Christians are finally fit to enter the glory He has prepared for them. The second part of the sermon explains how someone would know that the Holy Spirit has been given to them.

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