The Riches of His Grace

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Romans 10:11-13 — In this sermon on “The Riches of His Grace” from Romans 10:11–13 Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones continues unfolding the apostle Paul’s argument for the inclusion of Gentiles in salvation. Working from this passage, his second point in the series draws from the glorious fact that the same Lord Jesus Christ, who is Lord over all, is rich in grace to all who call upon Him. Since salvation depends entirely upon God and His power to forgive, there is hope for anyone. It’s the great central theme of the Scripture foretold by the prophets, brought about by Jesus in the gospel, and proclaimed by the apostles and the early church. What does this mean for today? It doesn't matter how much one has sinned or how profound their ignorance is, the riches of God’s grace are endless and He is sufficient to give to all. There is no work or effort one can add to their salvation because His riches in salvation are all-sufficient. All worldly distinctions and prejudices are foolish because God is rich to all, without distinction, and there is nothing one can ever need that cannot be found in this endlessly rich savior.

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