The Turning Point: But Now

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Romans 3:21-31 — When God interrupts human history, everything changes. Up until this point in Romans, Paul has emphasized wrath and judgement for all since all are guilty of sin and under condemnation. The tone of this letter completely changes in this section with these two small words: “but now.” In the sermon “The Turning Point: But Now,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones breaks up Romans 3:21–31 into two main sections, outlining that Paul has finally begun to discuss the way of salvation and the characteristics of the way of salvation. After much talk of wrath and destruction, it seems like a relief to see that the Lord has provided a righteousness and revealed it. This righteousness is by nothing that anyone has done because it is received only through faith. Both Jews and Gentiles can rejoice because this gift was planned before the foundation of the world, entirely by God’s grace, and open to all. Dr. Lloyd-Jones points out that everything about salvation points to the glory of God. Any idea that humanity has concerning salvation should always conform to this one passage of Scripture and nothing about salvation should deny any of these statements.

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