The Vindication of God

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Romans 3:25-26 — Perhaps no other theme is preached more often in evangelical churches than the cross of Christ. Evangelical Christians regularly sing songs and hymns of God’s love and specifically of the forgiveness found only at Calvary. What could be wrong with this? In this sermon from Romans 3:25–26 titled “The Vindication of God,” Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones expounds on the cross of Christ in great detail. Dr. Lloyd-Jones addresses that it is not so much what is said about the cross of Christ, but what is often neglected. Evangelical Christians must never neglect the full doctrine of the atonement. They must not forget that the cross of Christ not only displays the love of God but also the justice of God. The atonement of Christ is where God indicates His holy name. At Calvary, the wrath of God is poured out against sin and the righteousness of God is vindicated. Listen to this sermon on vindication by Dr. Lloyd-Jones on an often neglected attribute of God and see how God’s character is much more than love; He is also just and righteous.

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