DAY 21 Uncaping, Unmasking, Unhiding | Strategies to Doing Life Without Performing and Manipulating

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Today is the final day of uncaping, unmasking, and unhiding Annalise Keating. Shirl and Natty close it by offering a few strategies to overcome living a life of a manipulator and performer.

It’s so easy to UNKOWINGLY get caught up in this kind of behavior, but there a is so much freedom and just being you and not feeling the need to “trick” others into meeting your needs. Think about the emotional labor that goes into being a master performer and master manipulator — the emotional labor that goes into faking it. Then ask yourself if it’s worth it.

You don’t have to edit yourself to be anyone’s space and if you find yourself doing that, it’s time to plan an exit strategy. Tap in now to get these strategies, and when you’re finished, share your thoughts with us in the Shades of Strong Facebook Community. Our Facebook community is a safe space where you can connect with other Black women and have open and honest discussions about things that concern us individually and collectively. This is a safe space where we can lean on each other in times of trouble and unrest, and dance with each other in times of celebration.

If you find yourself in this or previous episodes, and are ready to start your journey to healing, please consider joining us in the Sista Circle of Healing. The next cohort starts November 9th.

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Are you a perfectionist, master performer, people pleaser, or people prover?

Take this 4 minute quiz & get a breakdown of your superwoman archetype & how you can use this knowledge to start healing from the Strong Black Superwoman Syndrome.

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