Level Up: Advanced 5E RPG & Kickstarter Realities - Episode 248 - 10-15-2021

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Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition is the new RPG that adds depth and options to your 5E experience but avoids unnecessary complexity! Lots of love for the exploration pillar. Rethinking classes while keeping their core concepts. Meaningful decisions every time you level up. Modular heritage design. The journey can be the adventure. More! The dynamics, behind the scenes, and fiscal realities of Kickstarter campaigns. Stretch goal economics. Stretch goal fever. The U vs the hockey stick. Kicktraq and other services that “project” Kickstarter campaign totals. Revenue versus profit. Everyone has good ideas, executing a good idea is the hard part.

Shane Plays Geek Talk Episode #248 - 10/15/2021

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