The Elusive Shift: How Role-Playing Games Forged Their Identity with Jon Peterson - Episode 235 - 12-22-2020

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Jon Peterson discusses The Elusive Shift, his newest in-depth book about role-playing game history. The importance of fanzines to the hobby and researching its history. Where did the term “role-playing game” come from? The history of “roll-playing” vs “role-playing”. Letting the dice tell the story vs GM fudging. Some dice history. Platonic solids and the nature of reality. What was Gary Gygax’s design reason for saving throws? The three types of wargamers. A D&D cookbook. Orc bacon. Bonus bad jokes.

Shane Plays Geek Talk Episode #235 - 12/22/2020

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The Elusive Shift: How Role-Playing Games Forged Their Identity

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