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Ryan McCrystal previews his favorite bets of the NFL Divisional Round.

First he previews Titans vs Bengals. He gives his lean in the game and his favorite prop bets for AJ Brown, Jeff Swain and Anthony Firkser. Can the Bengals defense stop the Titans run game? Can the Bengals defense stop the Titans play action game?

Then he breaks down 49ers vs Packers. He gives player props for Aaron Rodgers. PHow should you approach the line movement? How big of a role will Nick Bosa play against Aaron Rodgers?

How does Ryan feel about the Buccaneers favored by 3 against the Rams? He gives player props for Tom Brady. What can Tom Brady do against the Rams defense?

Finally he looks at Bills vs Chiefs. He explains why he loves a player prop for Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

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