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Rich Hribar and Dan Pizzuta react and recap to the craziness that was week 1 in the NFL.

The Rams left a lot to be desired, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs put on a performance to remember as they easily handled Kyler Murray and the Cardinals. Herbert didn't miss a beat despite losing Keenan Allen during their win over the Raiders.

Thursday Night Football has the Chargers heading to Kansas City in a game that will have serious AFC West repercussion. Who will come out as top dog and maybe the front runner for the AFC?

After an impressive game in Miami the Dolphins head to Baltimore to see if rookie head coach Mike McDaniel can beat Bill Belichick and John Harbaugh in his first two games.

Justin Jefferson put on a show against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers and now head to Philadelphia to matchup with Darius Slay and the Eagles for a huge Monday Night Football game that is sure to impress.

Dans spotlight game this week has the Geno Smith, who won a nail biter vs the Broncos on Monday, taking on the 0-1 49ers who played in a monsoon in Chicago. Was that game a fluke or is Trey Lance not ready for the spotlight quite yet?

For Richs' spotlight game he is taking us to the NFC South for a rivalry game as Tom Brady and the Bucs head down to New Orleans to face the 1-0 Saints. Can Brady shake off the demons and get a win vs the Saints or will the underdog Saints find a way to upset the GOAT?

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