Week 12 NFL Preview | Sharp Angles

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Dan Pizzuta and Rich Hribar preview their favorite matchups of Week 12: Rams vs Packers, Vikings vs 49ers, Eagles vs Giants, Buccaneers vs Colts, Patriots vs Titans, Browns vs Ravens and Texans vs Jets

The Rams are coming off a bye after their two worst game of the season, will Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford show up with a changed team against the Packers? How will they mix in Odell Beckham Jr.? How will the defense and Jalen Ramsey handle Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams and the Packers offense?

Jimmy Garoppolo and Deebo Samuel have the 49ers offense looking like they’ve figured it out. Kirk Cousins and the Vikings are coming off a big win. What can we expect from Vikings vs 49ers

The Eagles ran the ball well against the Saints. Has Nick Sirianni figured out Jalen Hurts? Is this a “can’t lose” game after the Giants just fired Jason Garrett?

Is Jonathan Taylor an MVP candidate? Is he carrying the entire Colts offense? Can the Tampa Bay defense find a way to stop him?

The Patriots are playing really well but are the Titans trending in the wrong direction? How do Mac Jones and the Patriots matchup against Ryan Tannehill and the Titans?

The Browns and Baker Mayfield haven’t looked great so how will they look against a healthy Ravens team?

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