Week 14 Fantasy & DFS Preview with guest Matt Harmon of Yahoo Sports | Sharp Angles Fantasy

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Rich Hribar is joined by Matt Harmon of Yahoo Sports to preview Week 14 of the Fantasy and DFS landscape.

First Matt gives his fantasy background and explains Reception Perception

They talk about where offenses in the NFL are headed. Are teams getting back to more physical football running the ball?

They answer some of your biggest fantasy football and DFS questions:

Is DK Metcalf a solid start this week? Is Russell Wilson healthy enough to get him the ball?

Did we get too excited about Ja’Marr Chase?

Can Elijah Moore be “the man” for the Jets? What does Zack Wilson do to his value?

What do Rich and Matt think about Jaylen Waddle and how the Dolphins use him?

What’s going on with Rashod Bateman and the Ravens?

Where are Terrace Marshall and Jalen Reagor going?

What does Diontae Johnson’s future look like without Ben Roethlisberger?

Where does Matt see Courtland Sutton and the Broncos receivers careers going?

Is Hollywood Brown underrated?

Then they give their picks for player matchups in Week 14. Mike Evans or Chris Godwin? Van Jefferson or Odell Beckham Jr?

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