6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting Married

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When you’re preparing for marriage, everyone tells you to have conversations with your future spouse about how many kids you want and how to deal with conflict.

But no one tells you how to keep things clean when your spouse isn’t as organized as you, how to set expectations for leisure time (like fishing or playing video games), or how to make money conversations fun.

So in this episode, Jordan is sharing the six things she wish she knew before she got married - plus some tips for building a home when you’re living with someone who does things differently than you.

Grab your headphones and tune in to learn:

  • Strategies for keeping a household schedule
  • How to make money conversations fun
  • Ways to keep your home, files, and lives organized
  • How to have conversations about household tasks and leisure time
  • Why being a power couple isn't the goal

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