How to Live From a Heart of Rest (Ft. Christy Nockels)

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Have you ever thought that rest sounds absolutely glorious…but nearly impossible?

Maybe you’ve got big goals and a million dreams you’re hustling to achieve, or maybe you’ve just got a schedule crammed with to-do’s and a pile of laundry waiting to be folded.

Learning to slow down in a busy season and realign your priorities on what matters most isn’t always easy.

So in this episode, Jordan talks with singer-songwriter Christy Nockels to uncover what it looks like to let go of hustle and achievement and embrace rest.

Nockels describes her own journey of learning to slow down and shares some deep wisdom that will leave you feeling empowered to simplify your life and put first things first.

Grab those headphones, and tune in to learn:

  • What it looks like to slow down in a busy season and realign your priorities
  • How to move from a place of constantly doing to a place of rest
  • How to make boundaries and rest when people give you pushback
  • The difference between hustling and hard work
  • What it looks like to live from the inside out

You can learn more from Christy and check out her new book at

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