The Truth About Birth Control and Your Hormones (Ft. Dr. Jolene Brighten)

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Did you know that out of the millions of women who are on the pill, roughly 60 percent take it for non-contraceptive reasons like painful periods, endometriosis, and acne?

In today’s episode, Jordan talks with award-winning naturopathic physician, and pioneer in women’s medicine, Dr. Jolene Brighten, to talk about women’s health, patient advocacy, and the effects of the pill.

Whether you’re on the pill, about to go off it, or just want to understand your hormones better, this episode has something for you.

Go ahead, grab yourself a comfy seat, and tune in to learn:

  • Why prescribing the pill can mask underlying health conditions
  • How the pill affects the body and fertility
  • How to prepare your body if you’re going off the pill
  • Ways you can advocate for your health and handle medical gaslighting
  • Diet and lifestyle changes you can make to balance your hormones

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