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One of our listeners, Andrew Welker, suggested that we talk about Klustered, so a few hours before David Flanagan was about to do his workshop at Container Days, we recorded this episode. We talked about all the weird and wonderful Kubernetes debugging sessions on Klustered, a YouTube playlist with 43 videos and counting.

We then talked about Rawkode Academy, and we finished with conferences. Good thing we did, because David almost forgot about KubeHuddle, the conference that he is co-organising next week. Gerhard is looking forward to talking at it! No, seriously, check it out at kubehuddle.com.

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Show Notes:

David & Gerhard

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(00:00) - Welcome
(01:04) - Sponsor: Sentry
(01:45) - Intro
(05:06) - David's workshop
(11:39) - All abouy Klustered?
(17:13) - Sponsor: FireHydrant
(18:31) - Community vs Rawkode
(24:33) - Unicode and Klustered
(28:26) - Chainguard vs Chainguard
(31:08) - Rawkode.academy
(32:39) - David migrated to where?
(36:24) - Moving to Google Firebase
(39:03) - Director Rawkode
(41:12) - Lord Gerhard
(42:37) - Rawkode academy courses
(47:32) - Surprised in a nice way
(50:02) - Sponsor: Sourcegraph
(51:44) - Choosing what to use in CNCF
(59:42) - Upcoming conferences
(1:01:25) - David forgot his own conference!
(1:04:18) - Caleb on Ship It!?
(1:05:36) - Wrap up
(1:06:22) - Outro

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