Seven shipping principles

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15 years ago, Gerhard discovered magic in the form of Ruby on Rails. It was intuitive and it just worked. That is the context in which Gerhard fell in love with infrastructure and operations.

Today, for special episode 77, we start at Seven Shipping Principles, and, in the true spirit of Ship It, we’ll see what happens next.

Our guest is David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of Ruby on Rails, co-founder of Basecamp & HEY, and a lot more - check out

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Show Notes:

David & Gerhard

Something missing or broken? PRs welcome!


(00:00) - Welcome
(00:57) - Sponsor: Sourcegraph
(02:40) - Intro
(03:29) - Behind the 7 shipping principles
(06:47) - David's writing style
(12:58) - Sponsor: Raygun
(15:05) - Just ship it!
(26:59) - HEY and Gmail
(33:36) - How HEY is different than Basecamp
(45:58) - Sponsor: Retool
(46:41) - From the cloud to on-prem
(49:00) - Lessons of the Cloud apply to on-prem
(51:02) - POV: You're a racecar driver
(57:47) - Wrap up
(58:01) - Outro

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