#StudioInter Ep. 93: "Inter Should Have Addressed The Goalkeeper Position Years Ago"

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This is #StudioInter, the world's number 1 podcast in English dedicated entirely to FC Internazionale Milano – where it's 100% Inter, 100% of the time, only on SempreInter.com.

In this weeks episode of #StudioInter the boys are joined by Ukrainian football expert, writer and broadcaster Andrew Todos.
Topics include:
  • Preview of the Champions League clash against Shakhtar Donetsk;
  • The Samir Handanovic situation at Inter;
  • Review of the matches against Fiorentina and Atalanta;
  • Preview of the upcoming Serie A clash with Sassuolo;

All of this and this weeks Moggi, Moratti, Frog and much much more on this weeks episode of #StudioInter.

So sit back, relax and join the boys as they delve deep into the black and blue world of the Nerazzurri.

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Host: Nima Tavallaey.
Guest: Andrew Todos from Zorya Londonsk.
Panelists: Mike Piellucci, Mohamed Nassar & Jake Smalley
Edited by: Renato Brea.
Illustration/design: Tin Milekic.

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