Sexy, Sexy Time with Dancoise Koechler & Shannon Sagawe

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Hey Shot Callers, get ready for a fun and fiesty episode with Dancoise Köchler, founder of Expat Ladies Zürich and me, your Shot Caller host!

What is sexy, sexy time? Well, it is a bit of a mash up between two women who met in Zürich over 10 years ago when both were practising their entrepreneurial chops at a trade fair- Dancoise with her Cake Lady brand and me with my Prêt á Party e-commerce business.

In 2020, I invited Dancoise to come on the podcast to talk about race, divorce with small children, financial confidence and her self-love journey.

Fast forward to May 2022 and we have just as great a connection; discussing hot topics like Roe v. Wade, owning your power, being unafraid to go for it as entrepreneurs, preventing financial vulnerability and a whole lot of sass and excitement about the fast growing sextech and "love making" creator economies!

Depending upon the age of your children, you may want to listen to this with earpods or a headset:)

There is nothing inappropriate; just two women talking about real, sexual topics that empower.

If you love this episode and would like to hear more from this dynamic duo in the future, please reach out; rate the podcast, leave a review or check us out on all the social media links!


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