S2 - Ep23 - Tim Osborn shares his incredible journey overcoming adversity to restaurant franchisee and college educator. Tim's passion is helping businesses and entrepreneurs along their journey as a DEI expert, startup advisor and consultant

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Tim Osborn is the Founder of The Osborn Group, LLC – a management consulting firm serving national clients helping them unlock the WOW in business by utilizing strategies backed by data to make better decisions, harness greater results, and build extraordinary teams delivering exceptional experiences.
Mr. Osborn is also the Co-Founder of Great Dining Brands, LLC and the recent new franchisee owner of Zoup! Eatery located in Eastgate. The Osborn Group, LLC was one of the first certified LGBTBE companies in Cincinnati, Ohio by the NGLCC (the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce).
Tim also serves as adjunct real estate instructor in the real estate program at Cincinnati State Technical & Community College and is the creator of The EMERGE DEI Scorecard™ and The DEI Index™ which certifies workplaces who demonstrate maturity in their diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices.
Tim lives in West Chester, OH with his husband Shane McRoy (a licensed district store manager for Starbucks Company) and the two of them have a blended family of 5 and two beautiful granddaughters. Current areas of focus include:

  • Promoting and cultivating DEI best practices for accountability in diversity, equity, and inclusion for workplaces across the country through the Certified Partner Network of The Osborn Group, LLC
  • Creating opportunities for pathways to funding for Minority, Women and LGBTQ+ Founders and Startups through the Smartup Strategy Process™ and a blended incubator/accelerator hybrid program he founded at The Osborn Group,LLC. The program empowers entrepreneurs to success by developing a pathway to funding and providing mentor support through seasoned business advisors across the region.
  • Creating jobs and opportunities through revitalization efforts for Zoup! Eatery and rebuilding the fast casual brand presence in the Cincinnati, OH region after the impact of the pandemic.

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