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Friends for over 20 years Bobby Moore and Adam Simmons get together weekly with a special guest to do everything from, but not limited to, screaming about sports to discussing how likely it is that reptilian humanoid overlords are hiding an alien race in the Marianas trench #SAMPC is not only a safe place to scream about the Lebron trade, but it’s the number 2 podcast in the world! so spark one up, pour a fresh cup of coffee and hang on to your sack, cause we’re going for a ride Johnny. Unedited and recorded LIVE at the Compound in Asbury Park, New Jersey #SAMPC Follow us: IG: @simmonsandmoorepodcast Twitter @SimmonsandMoore Grindr: @OneCookieShortofanOreo Snapchat: @SimmonsandMoore Like us on Facebook and always #SAMPC Only available on the Inner Circle Podcast Network

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