Beating obesity, depression, high Blood Pressure and Type 2 Diabetes with LCHF

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Jon Gaunt was 21 stone 9 pounds (303 pounds, 137 KG) and a type 2 Diabetic with his blood pressure through the roof. The only journey he was on at 56 was to an early grave!

Then he discovered LCHF and changed his life. In just four months he lost over four stone, got his blood pressure to normal and got of all Type 2 and blood pressure medication.

Follow him in this podcast series as he tells you how he did it and how he now intends to lose another four stone.

It is all about taking back control of your life and Jon in his inimitable straight talking and amusing style will show you how to.follow in his footsteps.

In this episode Jon gets of his fat ass and starts walking and describes how he started to lose the weight.

He also makes it clear that Big Pharma and Big Food are also responsible for the obesity and diabesity epidemic we have world wide but the solution is simple, in fact as Simple as Fat!

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