Don't drink fizzy drinks. They are linked to cancer. says Professor Robert Thomas.

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"Do not drink sugary fizzy drinks. They are very harmful and the more you drink the more likely you are of getting cancer"

"There is a clear correlation between the number of sugary fizzy drinks and cancer, particularly stomach cancer."

These are the words of Professor Robert Thomas of Bedford and Addenbrooke's Hospital who is Jon Gaunt's guest in this latest free Simple as Fat podcast.

Robert, who is a Cancer specialist, also states,"50 percent of cancers are caused by lifestyle and 40 percent of these cancers are connected to obesity."

In this fascinating and enlightening podcast the Professor explains that sugar is the core of problem along with starchy carbs.

He says, "We do not need any processed sugar, you do not need any sugar as it has NO nutritional value at all"

The Professor also states that the worst thing you can do is have cereals, fruit juice, toast and sugar in your tea on an empty stomach first thing in the morning

The main points he makes are:

Fighting chronic diseases like cancer is about losing the weight and exercising. If you exercise you will build muscle so even if your weight is not dropping you are getting immediate benefit.

The amount of sugar imported into UK is going up we know if you have processed sugar it is harmful.

Sugar creates inflammation and changes your gut bacteria health.

Sugar make you absorb more fat.

Fat is a nice slow energy resource

Fatty foods are much better for you than sugary foods.

Cut down or cut out completely starchy Carbs like bread, rice, pasta and potatoes.

Vitamin and mineral supplements are not necessary if you are healthy.

Gut is at centre of most chronic illness and sugar is at core of that.

He also busts the cholesterol myth saying it is inflammation that triggers disease like heart

It is never too late to eat your way back to good health and you can reverse type 2 diabetes by avoiding sugar and processed carbs and moving on to fats.

He concludes by saying that he saw 4 patients with prostate cancer today. They were all expecting to undergo chemo or surgery but instead he told them to change their lifestyle and their diet and come back in 6 months. He says he can guarantee that if they follow his plan they will be much less likely to need any intervention. They will avoid surgery, chemo or radiotherapy.

In essence he states that you can improve your chances of living longer and avoiding these chronic diseases by eating well and losing weight.

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