Enjoy yourself it's not a diet its lifestyle change. LCHF Life

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It just after Christmas and Jon Gaunt has put back on four pounds but he is not worried as he has realised that www.Simpleasfat.com is not a diet it is a lifestyle change.

He knows he will lose the weight again very quickly and he is not feeling deprived. He has had a great Christmas and even been to the Rugby and had a Guinness or two!

He is getting more and more convinced too that Big Food and Big Pharma are killing us and the answer is simple, it is Low Carbs high fat.

None of Jon's clothes fit him, including his posh suits, and for once in his life they are not too tight but too BIG!!

Follow Jon with Simple as Fat as he and YOU lose weight, reduce blood pressure and begin to reverse your Type2 Diabetes. It is simple in fact as simple as fat.


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