Government profits from your obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.

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Jon Gaunt has a special guest with him in this podcast, radio and TV presenter Liz Kershaw.

Liz has just lost two stone on a Low Carb (LCHF) diet and she is not shy in coming forward with her view that Low Carb living makes you not only lose weight but feel brilliant.

She also exposes the fact that you and I pay VAT on the junk food that we buy in supermarkets so in essence the Government is profiteering from you weight gain?

Jon and Liz also discuss the fact that Big Food and Big Pharma are too close to Governments and Dietary Guideline policy makers.

She jokingly describes herself as a food anarchist and says she is never going back to eating sugar and carbs.

She cites the example of her Grandparents and says eating real food like they did and good animal fat like lard helped them to live much longer.

She also has a right pop at what she describes as lazy parents who are allowing their kids to eat junk and processed food and says there in no excuse for not cooking a real meal from scratch every day.

This podcast will get you talking.

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