I would be dead now if it wasn't for Simple as Fat.

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Jon Gaunt reckons he would be dead now if he hadn't radically changed his diet and his activity levels.

He was 56 and nearly 22 stone at the end of June 2017. He was a Type2 Diabetic who had given up checking his Blood Sugar levels. He had gout, blood pressure off the scale, depression and even erectile disfunction.

In this searingly honest, maybe too honest, podcast he talks about how he let himself go and about how he was ignoring the signs of the inevitable heart attack or stroke that was coming down the line.

But Jon reckons there are loads of people who are in a similar position to him and he wants to show them through www.simpleasfat.com that they can and should take back control of their lives.

Jon talks about how he did this in his usual uncompromising style and straight forward manner and manages to wring out a load of black humour from his predicament.

Be clear Jon knows he has responsibility for his own health but he also believes that Big Pharma and Big Food have played a major part in his illness.

He is also critical of the NHS.

Jon has taken back control lost nearly five stone already, got his blood pressure in the normal range and most importantly cured his erectile disfunction.

He reflects on the success of the first week of his simple as fat podcasts and he gives an indication of when the full website will be launched.

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