Jon has bought a bike, fallen off it, but feels 18 again.

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Jon Gaunt has finally treated himself and bought a bike.

As you now he puts his weight loss and reversal of his Type 2 Diabetes mostly down to eating Low Carb High Fat real food (LCHF) but he now wants to venture further and for that he says he needs a bike.

However Jon states he is not having a mid-life crisis and he is certainly not going to be dressing in lycra and riding on our pot strewn roads. No, Jon has invested in a mountain bike which cost £750.

One of his fans on Simple as Fat remarked that they had spent the same amount on a car to which Jon replied, "yes but the car isn't going to get me fit is it?!"

Jon states that he has invested in himself and in his future and in this podcast he talks about how important it is for everyone who wants to lose weight to do the same and for once to put themselves first.

He says even though he has fallen off his bike it just made him giggle and riding downhill at speed has made him feel 18 again.

Jon is beginning to realise that taking back control of his body is great but taking back control of his mind is the next step in his journey to become a better man, husband and father!

But don't worry it is still a funny podcast!

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