Just walk gently to reverse Type 2 diabetes

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Jon Gaunt believes that gentle walking has not only improved his physical health but it has also helped and improved his mental health.

Jon started off doing 10 thousand steps a day, about 5 miles, but has now built up to an average of 9 miles a day. He credits this regime with reversing his Type 2 diabetes, gout, erectile dysfunction and got his blood pressure back into the normal range. He has also got off all his meds.

In this funny, honest but informative podcast Jon share his tips on how to beat obesity with walking Keto and LCHF eating.

He states you do not have to buy a bike, or a gym membership but instead just get your old trainers on and walk.

In this Simple as Fat podcast Jon also states that his mental health has massively improved. Jon is now aware of his surroundings and enjoys walking in the open air.

He is not only addicted to walking but he is actually addicted to mindful walking.

Gaunty says that there is no excuse to not get the steps in every day and he has plenty of practical tips on how to do this in our busy lives.

He has also discovered audible.co.uk and is now listening to books as he walks.

He believes that this helps him relax whilst at the same time he is losing weight and getting fit. He has read or listened to Robinson Crusoe, Jane Eyre, Beloved amongst loads of others. So Jon says he is training his body and mind at the same time and that you should try it too.

More info here www.simpleasfat.com

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