Walking and LCHF made me lose weight rapidly and saved my life!

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Walking quite literally saved my life says Jon Gaunt.

Gentle walking combined with a LCHF diet led to rapid weight loss and reversed his Type 2 Diabetes, Gout, High blood pressure and stress.

He’s not talking about becoming a gym bunny or trussing himself up in Lycra and sweating like a pig he is just talking about moderate walking every day.

Jon was morbidly obese with Type 2 Diabetes, gout, blood pressure through the roof and even erectile dysfunction.

He weighed in at 306 pounds and was on the fast track to an early grave at the age of 56.

But when he started walking he saw immediate benefits and was a walking addict within a few weeks and now regularly does more than 12,000 steps a day, about 6 miles.

Combined with eating the www.simpleasfat.com way which is a Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) food plan Jon has lost tons of weight and even managed to reverse his diabetes. All his other medical conditions have also gone and he is now off all medications.

In this amusing and informative podcast, he also explains how it has improved his mental health, relieved his chronic stress and made him more focused and actually a nicer person.

An added benefit is that he can now even tie his own shoelaces!

He stresses how important it is to walk in the fresh air and makes the point that walking is the cheapest form of exercise and everyone can do it.

And it is not just Jon who has got amazing results. Many members of www.simpleasfat.comhave had similar weight reductions and improvements in their health.

As Gaunty says, “it is simple just get off your fat ass and get walking it will literally prolong and even save your life.”

Check out Jon’s website www.simpleasfat.com for more info and please subscribe to these FREE podcasts on Apple or Stitcher and if you enjoy them please leave a review on the platform you use.

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