You can cure Type 2 Diabetes with real food NOT more pills.

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The newspapers and MSM are full of a story that a new wonder drug has been developed that could cure obesity.

Jon Gaunt is very cynical about this and asks the question do we really need a £220 pound a month drug to help us lose weight?

Jon has lost over 70 pounds by eating real food and has reversed his Type 2 Diabetes and is now off all drugs.

This so called wonder drug boasts that it can help people lose 9.5 pounds in a year?!

That is pathetic and instead of conning us and being in bed with Big Pharma Jon Gaunt suggests that Governments' should be changing dietary guidelines and recommending that people should eat and follow a Low Carb, High Fat (LCHF) diet and take moderate exercise.

Big Food and Big Pharma are killing millions and their influence needs to be stopped.

Eat real food and follow

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