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Dr Kirsty Seward, Dietician and Dr of Behavioural Change joins us this week to get raw and real about Breast Implant Illness, Breast explant surgery and everything in between. Kirsty being 8 weeks post explant and I 2.5 years we dive into a whole pandoras box of this 'oh so common' cosmetic procedure.

  • The explant path from start to finish.
  • What we don’t often consider before a surgery
  • Shame often associated with Breast Implants and Explants
  • Body Image
  • Post Op Care
  • Breast appearance before and after
  • The best and worst moments plus so, so much more.

If you or someone you know is experiencing Breast Implant Illness or is curious about having their implants removed, tag them below or forward this episode onto them. These conversations are important and ain’t no shame held here.


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