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Author, Meditation Teacher, Hope Dealer, pun creator and divine mother of 3 Caitlin Cady joins us to demystify Meditation and share. how it's possible for absolutely anyone. In this fun, informative and very real episode we cover;

- The truth about whether Meditation requires an empty mind

- What it takes for a medi to be effective

- The best time's to meditate

- The benefits of unlocking your 'why?' for your practise

- The epic-ness of what I now know to be a meditation sit up.

What a light worker this gal is. You can get her book 'Heavily Meditated' from any good book stores, or

Or hang out. with the high vibe-ing babe that she is on Insta or FB @caitlincady


p.s Be sure to be following both @caitlincady and and comment under the Insta post to be in the running to win your very own copy of HEAVILY MEDITATED!

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