JEALOUSY - Episode 74

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Ewww. Jealousy. It's got to be up there with one of the worst feelings to embody. It comes from a place of lack, it feels ugly, it's usually directed at someone else and it's full low vibe territory.

We're human though. Sometimes we don't get what we want. Sometimes someone else gets to play with our 'toys' and we don't always like the way things appear to us. Jealousy is layered. It's about the reality of a situation, plus what we are having the situation mean and also what we are having a situation mean about us. L.A.Y.E.R.E.D.

Let's have a look at ways through, around and together take few different spins around the dancefloor when the tune of Jealousy is blaring through your life's speakers. I get it friend. Feeling jealous sucks big time.

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