Episode from Nov 25, 2021

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Silver Quintette - "Sinner's Crossroads" [0:00:00]
Isaiah Owens - "You Without Sin Cast the First Stone" - You Without Sin Cast the First Stone [0:03:27]
Delta Aires of Birmingham, AL - "Rock My Soul" [0:07:23]
Montgomery Spiritual Five - "Prayer" [0:13:20]
Flying Clouds of Montgomery, Alabama - "Before This Time Another Year" - Sermon on the Mount [0:17:08]
Emma James Singers of Montgomery, Alabama - "I'm Sealed (To The Day of Redemption)" [0:20:56]
Spiritual Voices of Whitehall, Alabama - "Steal Away / I've Got Heaven on My Mind" [0:24:49]
Shiloh Baptist Church Choir, Birmingham, Alabama (?) - "The Lord Is Blessing Me" [0:29:58]
Original Blind Boys of Alabama - "Sit Down And Rest A Little While" [0:37:12]
Alabama Nightingales - "I Know So Much About Jesus" [0:39:10]
Luella Hatcher and Friends - "I've Been Changed" - African-American Spirituals of Alabama [0:42:50]
Willie Lee Penn - "Steal Away" - African-American Spirituals of Alabama [0:47:23]
Southeastern District 7-Shape Singing Convention, Elba, Alabama - "I Want To Go Where My Jesus Is" [0:51:07]
Mariachi Garibaldi - "Sweet Home Alabama" [0:58:48] https://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/110129

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