Operating Differently In Multi-Family Buildings

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Mickey Kropf is the Co-Founder and CEO of Vector Travel, Inc, a tech-enabled, full-service, rental housing hospitality company. Prior to Vector Travel, Mickey co-founded and led growth at Rented.com, a short-term rental marketplace connecting owners with short-term rental management companies. Mickey has a background in commercial real estate development and finance.

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In this episode, we explore:

02:58 - Mickeys Background

05:55 - Revenue share model vs master lease model

09:27 - Why mess with the model that’s not broken

11:47 - Iceberg Analogy

14:57 - Dealing with multi-billion dollar corporation clients

16:42 - Control Access to the Building

20:43 - Tracking the Inventory for multifamily side

23:10 - Positive Challenges that help grow the business

26:51 - The best clients are the existing clients

28:55 - Handling the business operations

31:36 - Contracts with the clients

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