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Anthony Gantt is the founder and CEO of At Ease Rentals, a corporation dedicated to connecting vacation rental hosts to federal and military members and military families during official travel, liberty, and leave.

In this episode, he talks about how At Ease came to be, the company’s vision, and how they’re making it happen. Joining Anthony is Mateo Bradford who has been a trusted advisor with At Ease since the beginning of it all and brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge.

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In this episode, we explore:

03:50 - Background of Anthony Gantt, founder of At Ease

10:16 - At Ease company was the solution

15:41 - Returning Receipts and Vouchers

21:25 - What is At Ease

24:30 - Pricing structure for At Ease

24:57 - Getting an Inventory from PMS

33:37 - Privacy Aspect

37:27 - Tasks at hand for At Ease

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