Simplifying Revenue Management in Short-Term Rentals

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On today’s episode, we are joined by Tim From Buoy, Co-Founder/Head of Product at Buoy, a dynamic pricing platform for vacation rentals. Prior to founding the company he was an independent revenue manager, and spent 2016-2018 with Oasis Collections.

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In this episode, we explore:

02:37 - Background of Tim Speicher + How he started Airbnb hosting

05:39 - What is Buoy?

08:26 - How to determine your booking rate?

10:41 - Implementing better revenue strategies

14:21 - Why was Buoy created?

18:22 - How Buoy can help with dynamic pricing suggestions

19:22 - Construal Distance - bridging the gap between abstract and concrete idea

22:28 - Complete aggregated data vs Non-aggregated data

29:12 - Buoy’s company goal
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