Dirt Sunrise Update With Overlanders Extraordinaire Tim And Kelsey Huber

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After I ran into Tim and Kelsey Huber twice recently, I had to get them to sit down on Slow Baja to give us an update on their travels.

Here’s how they describe themselves on their website:

“Hi! We are Tim and Kelsey. We’re two ordinary people that just happen to live an extraordinary life. We are traveling the world in our 1995 Land Cruiser named Goose…to put it bluntly neither of us is overly talented, smart, rich, lucky, or retired. But that doesn’t stop us from reaching far flung destinations and having wild adventures. We do have one advantage in the type of travel we have chosen, and that is we are both experienced off-road driving and recovery instructors. After watching many of our students go off and have the adventure-of-a-lifetime we asked ourselves when we would have our own adventure? Well, we came to the conclusion that life is too short and holds no guarantees, so now seemed like a pretty good time to pull up anchor and go. We have no shame in admitting we want to squeeze as much out of life as possible. For us, life is an adventure, full of extraordinary moments for anyone willing to go after them. Our goal in life, besides enjoying it, is to inspire others to follow their dreams, to prove that life is what you make it. Traveling the world can seem like an intimidating task (It sure does to us) but if we can do it so can you, So as we continue to explore and learn we will take you along to inspire, inform, and maybe just maybe flatten that learning curve for all those out there that want to make their dream a reality.”

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