Lynn Chenowth On Building Cars And His Beautiful Legacy Lodge And Museum

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Lynn Chenowth is a pioneer off-road chassis and vehicle builder whose factory-backed and private Chenowth cars have taken many of the sport's greatest drivers to off-road racing's biggest victories. The list includes ORMHOF inductees Johnny Johnson, Ivan Stewart, Corky and Mark McMillin, Bob and Robby Gordon, Frank 'Butch' Arciero Jr, and Rob MacCachren.

In the 1970s, Chenowth helped usher in the development of true tube frame off-road vehicles. The sport was quickly growing and evolving, and Chenowth Racing Products was ready to meet the need. With a mass-production approach to building affordable chassis and products, Chenowth helped bring the sport of recreational off-roading to the masses. -Excerpted from his 2019 ORMHOF Induction Ceremony

I spoke to Lynn in July during my Summer podcast recording trip. We recorded at his home in Percebu, South of San Felipe, the morning after I spent the night at his Chenowth Legacy Lodge.

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