Baja Adventures Tijuana Taco Meetup With Javier Alejandro Inzunza And Polo Sanmiguel

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Javier Alejandro Inzunza and Leopoldo (Polo) Sanmiguel are passionate about sharing the stark beauty of Baja with the world. The Tijuana-based duo created the beautiful travel site Baja Adventures, "To inspire people to live in a more sustainable way by adventuring into The Baja Peninsula and rediscovering the unique bond between themselves and nature."

On a recent trip to San Diego, I reached out to Javier -we had been trying to get together for months and hadn't been able to make it work. I suggested that I drive down for tacos. Polo and Javi changed their schedules to make time for me, and I booked a one-day policy on Baja Bound Insurance. Less than five minutes later, I was on my way to meet them in Tijuana.

We met at Taconazo, a fantastic local taqueria. I ordered an Al Pastor taco and a carne asada taco. The Al Pastor was sublime, cut right off the giant trompo, and served with a fat slice of pineapple. The carne asada came with cheese and guacamole and was divine! Stuffed from our lunch, we adjourned to Javier's nearby loft to continue the conversation over a few cold beers.

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