Travel Talk With Slow Baja Meet The Benchmark Maps Team That Created The New Baja California Road And Recreation Atlas

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Today's Travel Talk with Slow Baja, we chat with the team behind the new Benchmark Maps Baja California Road and Recreation Atlas. Cartographer Neil Allen, Bridger De Ville, Director of Sales and Marketing, and Baja expert and project consultant David Kier are my guests.

"The Baja California Road & Recreation Atlas is truly unique, combining the most accurate trip planning information with spectacularly beautiful landscape Maps. Discover the value of current and reliable road and recreation information. Use these maps to plan your next road trip or weekend adventure while exploring the highways and back roads of the Baja California Peninsula. First-time visitors and lifelong residents alike will appreciate this unique view of Baja California and Baja California Sur."

Baja fans are well aware that both of the most coveted Baja maps, the Baja Almanac and the AAA Baja California Map, have long been out-of-print. They have been soaring in cost on eBay, causing much frustration among travelers who want an analog option for planning and navigation. The new Benchmark Maps Baja California Road & Recreation Atlas will quickly supplant those titles to become the go-to map for all serious Baja travelers. Get yours today from Benchmark Maps.

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