Travel Talk With Slow Baja We Meet The Famous Edson

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Twenty-three-year-old Edson Romero may be the most famous resident of beautiful San Ignacio. His parents, Jackie and Gery, own Edson Ice Cream Shop, a must-stop when traveling through the oasis town.

As a youngster, Edson was teaching himself English using google translate. When off-road racers came to town, he would use the opportunity to practice his English to promote his parent's ice cream shop. Touched by his earnestness, the racers returned year after year. They donated jerseys, helmets, and memorabilia, creating a shrine to the sport.

Edson's gregarious personality, honesty, and integrity have endeared him to all that have met him. After he helped Walker Evans recover some items stolen from his vehicle, a lasting friendship evolved. Evans stopped in to see Edson and his family every time he passed through. When Edson graduated from High School, Evans stepped up and paid for half of Edson's college tuition!

While in college, Edson started a lifestyle brand. He applied the lessons learned from his offroad family to growing his brand by helping others. When a fellow rally driver broke down on the 2021 BajaXL, Edson arranged a tow for him to Ensenada. Learn more about Edson Romero, the Prince of San Ignacio, through the links below.

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