Travel Talk With Slow Baja We Talk To Jesse Atkinson Owner Of Ensenada Massage

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In today's Travel Talk with Slow Baja, we sit down with Jesse Atkinson, massage therapist, and owner of Ensenada Massage and Valle de Guadalupe Mobile Spa. Jesse shares his life story. From growing up in Wisconsin, to his work in Central America as a consultant, to surviving cancer and making life changes that led him to become a certified massage therapist.

As we were ping-ponging back and forth trying to coordinate our schedules to record this conversation, Jesse knowing we were on the last day of the BajaXL Rally booked one-hour, hot stone, deep-tissue massages for Ted and me. After ten days behind the wheel of my 50-year-old Land Cruiser and 3000 miles of brutal Baja backroads, we were delighted to receive one hour of healing care. Ensenada Massage was clean and quiet, and our massages were top-notch! The hot stones were an unexpected delight. They melted the pain and tension away from my abused back.

You can find more information and book your massage at Ensenada Massage or Valle de Guadalupe Mobile Spa. You can find them at: 1278 Avenida Ruiz Ensenada, B.C., 22800, Mexico. Ensenada Massage is Slow Baja approved!

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