#34 - Shauna Armitage - marketing campaigns vs content marketing vs marketing funnels

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Shauna Armitage is a fractional marketing director for early-stage startups, guiding founders at all stages of growth in developing an impactful marketing program. Bridging the gap between consultant and agency, Shauna takes a hands-on approach in each and every business. Through her intensive client work, Shauna has helped her clients achieve results such as a 400% increase in website conversions and a 220% growth in sales leading to profitability and scalability. She is a Hubspot Certified professional with a certificate in Women’s Entrepreneurship from Cornell University. In this episode, Shauna shares just what exactly a Fractional Marketing Director does and how she came to create her business. She shares some great tips for marketing your business, even if you’re not a start-up. Shauna’s passion for growth based in not just strategy, but also integrity, really came through in our conversation and I encourage you to implement her suggestions for growing as an entrepreneur.

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