#45 Ashlee Dozier - why DIY-ing your branding is a good thing

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After making the decision to leave an abusive relationship and fight for the life she knew she deserved, Anuket’s founder, Ashlee Dozier, took several months to travel solo around the world. She committed to rediscovering her independence and was determined to come out stronger than ever. Little did she know, her investment into herself would lead her to discover the thing that would change her life and inspire the creation of, what you now know as, Anuket Luxury Apothecary. In this episode, Ashlee and I talk about the serendipity of her business, the journey she’s taken literally and figuratively to get to where she is today. Ashlee shares her experiences in building a brand, particularly for a product based business, and where to focus due to the importance of prioritising money that goes hand in hand with that kind of business.

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