#236 - Lust, Blood & Trash - Bristol, Florida

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This week, in Bristol, Florida, when a woman's bound body is found, with a concrete block tied to her ankle, in a secluded creek, in a half sunken rowboat, investigators had no idea what kind of a mess they were about to attempt to untangle. An array of grievances left a man to wanting to kill a particular woman. And that woman, wanting to kill that man. And another woman, also wanting to kill that woman, and maybe that man, too. And any these people may not have even done the deed. It's a truly crazy tale of love, hate, murder, and fishing bait!!

Along the way, we find out that Florida people treat gators like, at most, a minor problem, that some young women are apparently attracted to nightcrawlers, and that the more people you ask to commit a murder for you, the more people that will tell on you!!

Hosted by James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman

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