The Unique Mechanism and Awareness Spectrum with Todd Brown | SWW 185

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It has been a while since I’ve had a guest on Sold With Webinars. Whenever I bring somebody on the guest podcasts I make sure that it is worth your time investment and you get the most out of your listening time as much as possible.

Todd Brown is one of my mentors, and he is somebody whom I always reference with. I have progressed a lot from his teachings and the two biggest things that apply most to my methodology are the unique mechanism and the offer awareness spectrum.

In this episode, we talked about the two very important things when it comes to developing sales messages: marketing an intellectual property, and offers.

We wrap up by diving into the heart and soul of marketing, and the crazy proposition offer that is hard to say no to.

This is one of the best conversations in my guest podcasts. You will get a lot from this, as I do!

You’ll Discover

  • Marketing and selling are not the same activity. [6:31]
  • The unique selling proposition. [9:59]
  • Not everything that is true is believable and not everything that’s believable is true. [14:25]
  • The offer is the make-or-break component of any campaign. [23:15]
  • Difference is what gets attention. [25:44]

...And much more!

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