033: SOLO NANAY DILEMMA - Career or Love Life?

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For most of us, Solo Nanay, we always hear the thought of, I don't need a man in my life in order to survive this Sing Motherhood. It may be true and genuine for others but how about those who still wish to have a partner in life? To experience true and genuine love? And for those you are looking for, what are the considerations and expectations to set in order to strike that balance of being a Solo Nanay, having a great career, and investing time into a love partner?

In the new series made for you, Nanay, we will be covering the #SoloNanayDilemma by answering questions, discussing some of the taboos about Single Parenting or Single Motherhood that have never been discussed courageously, and breaking the stigma about being a Single Mom.

In this 1st episode for Solo Nanay Dilemma, I have invited a professional career Rockstar, Creative Director of Looms Baby, a dedicated Single Mom of 4-year old boy, a courageous and my soul sister, Eli.

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