063: Competency-Based Education and General Education in Utah

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Show Notes:

President Scott L Wyatt and Steve Meredith talk with Julie Hartley and Greg Benson, Assistant Commissioners of Higher Education for Academic and Student Affairs in the state of Utah, about the delivery methods for general education and the various competencies gained through general ed courses.

Featured Quotes:

For a long time, higher education was kind of seen as a gatekeeper of sorts. Something for people of elite status to have access to and not other people. And the teaching model is often referred to as “face on the stage” where a very smart person is up at the front just spewing out information for the students and the smart ones will grasp it and move through the ranks and the others will drop out and along the sideline. And there’s been a major shift in higher education and pedagogical strategies to being more concerned about teaching methodologies and making sure that the students are actually grasping the materials and that the faculty are educating them as opposed to weeding them out.
*Julie Hartley *

Are General Education courses themed and structured to foster success? Or are they unnecessary obstacles for students?
Greg Benson

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