067: Competency-Based Education Using Direct Assessment

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Show Notes:

President Scott L Wyatt and Steve Meredith sit down with Paul Fain, writer for Inside Higher Ed, to discuss direct assessment, a type of competency-based education.

Featured Quotes:

I'm going to make a bold prediction here, but I think people should be watching competency-based education because I think the addition to kind of the growth of these programs and the kind of adopters who are trying this, that's one thing, but the underlying potentially transformative change to higher education on the whole, if it's more competency-focused, is enormous.
Paul Fain

. . . it seems hard to believe that someone won’t figure this out in a really scalable way. And just even the interest politically, and it’s not just coming from one side, they’re trying to do things differently. I’ve got to feel like something is going to happen.
Paul Fain

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